Randy writes:

"Since Colorado wasn't represented on the site, I thought I'd be the first! 

"Here is my recently completed Venture 60.  It's powered by a Saito 91 and controlled w/JR radio equipment.  To balance the plane, I moved the rudder and elevator servos to the rear of the fuselage. 

"I also installed dual aileron servos using the pictures and description from Dave in Missouri.  The wheel pants and aluminum landing gear are painted with Krylon, Jet White. 

"The canopy is tinted black using Ritz fabric dye in water, heated to about 140 degrees.  Be careful with the water temp!  If it get's much higher, the canopy will deform (aka, the death of my canopy  #1).  Covering ideas were taken from both Patrick in WA and Dan in MA.

"I took Dan's advice and shortened the canopy by a couple of inches to extend the look of the nose."

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