Mike writes:

"Finally got around to building my e Venture. Don't know what took so 
long as building your kits is such a pleasure! Very sorry to see this 
one go!

"6.75 pounds ready to fly with FlightPower 4900 5S pack. Torque 
Revolution motor and 80 amp controller (w/switching BEC). 4 JR ds368 
digitals and 9 ch 2.4 receiver.

Thanks again for your attention to detail and quality."

Bruce's Comments...  Thank you, Mike, for building such a beautiful model and sending the great pic!
Considering the light weight, it must have been built from one of the few "e-friendly" V60 kits that were
produced many years ago.  That was back before brushless motors and LiPo batteries when builders
were scratching and clawing to save every ounce of weight.  Nowdays, the V60 should be relatively
easy to convert to e-power at nearly the same weight as glow power with a full tank of fuel.

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