"I have just completed my Venture 60 I bought from you and flew it yesterday for the first time.  What a dream!  It was like you said.  Gentle or lively, whatever you want.  It flew straight and only required two clicks of up elevator.  it did seem to want to nose over on takeoff though, so I increased the elevator throw to hold it down.  Also, the aileron movements specs were a little low, so I raised them a little.

"I put a Saito .80 in it and am using a JR X-622 computer radio.  That way I can change my throws and neutral settings easily.  I am a slow builder, even though I am retired, and it usually takes me three to five months to build a plane.  This one was so well engineered and planned, that I finished in exactly 30 days.  The parts fairly flew together and came out perfectly straight and true."

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