Jim, from Ontario, has been in this hobby for about 50 years and flying R/C for about 30. Here is his Venture 60!

"Here are a few shots of my Venture 60 on floats. It is extremely successful as a float plane although with the OS .61FX I do lose a little vertical (it won't go on forever!)

"Rolls are almost the same and most other maneuvers are very similar except for a slight pendulum tendency which is easily corrected after one attempt. These are very light floats so they don't affect the flight characteristics that much and I thought some of the guys might be interested in my method of water rudder control.

"I use a retract servo inside the aircraft to lift them. Very simple. I use an APC 13-6 prop and built the kit exactly according to Bruce's instructions. The floats are of my own manufacture. This is an aircraft that performs well on land or sea and is an absolute joy to fly. On a bad day it takes off after hitting the second wave!!"

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