Jack writes...

"I thought you might be interested in this kit as it was Venture kit number 54 (see attached copy of certificate included in the kit).  I purchased this Venture kit at an estate sale in July 2009.  It had already been started and the fuselage and tail feathers were built.  Because of other projects in my building queue, this Venture kit sat for a while before I could finish it.  Now that it is done and successfully flown I find that it is one of my favorite fliers.  The sales receipt says it was originally purchased in 1994.  It's powered by an OS 91 4-stroke engine.  The only changes made were to move the landing gear forward so it would handle better on our grass and to add an aftermarket Sullivan tail wheel.  My great granddaughter nicknamed it the Red Eagle, due to the Monokote color and pattern I used."
Bruce's Comments...  What a striking V60, I love the Red Eagle!  That is some good knife work on the Monokote.  And thanks for sending the pic of the certificate - it's been a long time since I've seen one of those.  The thinking back then was that maybe some time in the future these kits would have some collector value, and the "first 100" would be particularly prized.  I wonder how many of the original 100 kits are still out there, unopened?  FYI, Venture 60 kit #001 is tucked away safely in my rafters!

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