This is Greg's second Venture 60, and he made a few changes on this one...

"From the stock version this wing is 6 inches shorter, fuse is 2 inches longer and canopy moved forward 2 inches for a longer appearance.  Engine is inverted with a built up cowl.  The front deck height is same as stock, I cut the fuse sides down at the front tapering the cut to the canopy, the front formers were modified so I could start curving the sidew to the top keeping the same deck height.

"This plane flies great, just like a Venture does but with a faster roll rate for snaps and doesn't float as much on landing approach.  i really like how these planes keep the tail up on landing and takeoff, it just has a clean look to it.

"You sure make a nice kit; they're such a pleasure to build."

Built-Up Cowling Tutorial
Greg was kind enough to take photos as he built up a unique cowl for his inverted Saito 4-stroke engine.  Notice that he re-contoured the fuselage as well, which is not totally necessary for a streamlined nose, but the end result is worth the effort.  You don't have to do your cowl exactly like this, but I think it shows the general process - mount your engine, place thick balsa around the engine, add a ply ring behind the spinner, then get busy with your sanding block.

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