David writes:

"Probably the nicest kit I have built so far and was fun to build. Followed the standard construction steps except installed dual aileron servos so I could use aileron differential and used DuBro landing gear.  The holes in the ribs for the paper wire tube were made by stacking up the ribs, aligning them with a piece of spar, and then using a forstner bit to drill through them. Covering and decals are all Monokote. Engine is OS FS-91. Receiver is a Futaba 2.4GHz R617FS 7 channel. The plane is easy to fly - very stable with no bad habits. Flies inverted and knife edge easily. I’m able to fly it very slow and not worry about a tip stall. Very easy to land. My favorite plane to use when training new pilots. I just hook up my buddy box and they have a very positive experience. Thanks for a great kit. Keep up the good work.

By the way – when I took photos, the plane already had about 50 flights on it."

...One more thing. While looking at my construction pictures (I built it last Feb/Mar) I realized I made two more changes from the default. I reinforced the turtle deck stringers midway between F4 and F5. On my first Four-Star I had a tendency to grab the plane there – broke them twice before I reinforced them. Also I used Sullivan Gold-N-Rods for the elevator and rudder."

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