Dale writes:

"Here are the pics of the Venture from kit #008.  The scheme is maroon Monokote with cream trim.  It came out quite nice and I'm very pleased with the results.

"The split flaps come down to 45 degrees and are adjustable on a transmitter slide switch. Takeoffs break ground in 8-10 feet and climbout is at about 60 degrees.  Slow flight is at a slow walk with the ailerons moving far and fast along with rudder to keep it upright.  Elevator required at full flaps is 1/4 stick down.  The approach with flaps is a little tricky - too fast and it floats, too slow and it thumps on with no energy left for round out.

"My flap experiment might have been a little more successful if I put the flaps on top of the wing and called them spoilers - to kill the lift from that big wing and light loading (18.5 oz/sq ft). Check out the pic of the high angle of attack approach with flaps...

"...Just kidding, It's a pic of the takeoff.  Flaps seem to work better with high loadings.

"The flying is great - nice and smooth!  Four-point rolls and slow rolls are the easiest of any plane I've flown so far - knife edge too.  The plane even thermals well.  CG is 3/8" behind spar (great for the tumbling maneuvers).

"Thanks for the outstanding kit and the excellent flying design.  I think you're right, it's like an enlarged and sexed up Four-Star 40."

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