Arthur writes:

"In Autumn 2012 I bought the plans for the Venture 60 and I have been building all winter through to produce my "Cleopatra" Venture 60. It flies absolutely great and I'm very proud off her. A couple of my flying buddies are interested to build the Venture as well, but are waiting for the kit to come out again.

"Here is a video of my 3rd, 4th and part of my 5th flight. I'm getting to know her a bit now. The approach speed is still to high, so I might change the prop and/or the fuel mixture to get a better idle speed."

Arthur's YouTube Video

"As you might see, the colours are "borrowed" a bit from an other builder in your gallery, but a Dutch saying goes: "Better properly borrowed than badly invented."

"Thanx for designing a nice plane!"

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